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JD Online Course Evaluations - November 17 to December 5

Online course and seminar evaluations for the Fall 2021 term begin on Wednesday, November 17th and will run until Sunday, December 5th.  
We understand and appreciate that the Fall 2020 term has been impacted by circumstances relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Still, your feedback on how your classes have gone so far is very valuable and we encourage you to take the time to provide it.

To access your course evaluations, please sign in to MyOsgoode and under the Student Services area, click on “Osgoode Course Evaluations”.  Then, click on “Evaluate your Courses” which will bring you to the ONCE site where you will log in using your Passport York username and password.  The site is open 24 hours a day until Sunday, December 5th.

The ONCE system provides a separate tab for each instructor, and if you wish, you may complete an evaluation for each.  The tabs are sorted alphabetically.  To navigate from one instructor to another, please scroll to the bottom of the questionnaire, click “continue” and this will bring you to the next instructor’s evaluation tab.  However, if you wish to complete only one evaluation for the entire course, you may do so under one of the instructor tabs and provide feedback for all faculty in the course.  

Quantitative results for previous evaluation periods are also available under “Osgoode Course Evaluations”.  To access these results, please click on “Search Evaluations”.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Gayle Dyke at